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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Stage Business

Weekends are all about Black Forest, and our play, 'Free Henry Goodbar, Telepath.' Yesterday's rehearsal was solid, the performances are emerging, the text is becoming 'embodied.' It seems the cast has finally 'jelled.' The lineup: Noel as 'The Bard,' Pat as 'Johnny Pilgrim,' Phoenix as 'Yvonne' and Doctor Hoffman,' Carla as 'the Siren,' Wahid as 'Rashid,' and me as 'Henry Goodbar.'

We open end of October, there is still much to do: we will add another dimmer to give us more channels for 'lighting zones.' We need to work the 'transitions,' between scenes, the music cues, blackouts, stage business, moving props, etc. Also, refine and tighten the physical score; make movements specific, organic, flowing.

We are adding another layer of complexity: we will film Wahid's role as Rashid, and his performance will be displayed on a video monitor during the live performance. Noel will 'interact,' with the video monitor as another character, Rashid (supposedly at Camp X-ray) will reside in another time and place. After rehearsal today, we will shoot exteriors, and next Saturday we film everything else. Rashid is in three scenes with one major monologue. Wahid is a young kid, with a quiet vunerability. This is a great contrast to what we had with Manny. Should be perfect for my vision of a 'mujahadeen' from the battlefields of Afganistan, now in solitary confinement at Guantanamo Bay.

'I, Rashid, the one who cannot dance...I dance to the four winds...'

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