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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Up early, bright, alive.

Energy: where does it come from? Where does it go?

Must one 'feel bad,' to understand 'feeling good?'

Black Forest rules. Yesterday's rehearsal was very productive. A solid group dynamic is emerging. Play-acting is serious work. My two favorite activities: writing and acting.

'Free Henry Goodbar, Telepath,' is beginning to emerge. It is a 'monster.' I have jam-packed it with many confusing images. It reflects my jumbled-up view of the world. I seem to be most comfortable in a 'post modern' frame of mind, where nothing is what it seems, everything has another meaning, another resonance.

If I am to be true to my 'vision,' I must be open to many tangents, many ideas, competing and exploding each other. Kind of an exhausting way of seeing the world. Must be why I am always looking for the 'calm center of clarity.'

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