Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Let Mr. Mustache Sing!

"The Truth will out."

That's the hope. But sometimes (maybe often), you need to have an "agent" who cares about the Truth first. Someone willing to work to find out the Truth. Someone who will fight for the Truth. Someone willing to face the Truth. Someone to look at the facts & the evidence with clear consciousness.

Truth. Sometimes it doesn't come easy. Just ask Oedipus. Life is a tangled web.

Let Michael Bolton sing! Oh, wait, I mean... you know... the Mustache. Let the Mustache sing! "Et Tu" Mr. Mustache (John Bolton). A nicely timed dagger for Little Baby Man.

Yes, it turns out John Bolton wrote a book and in this book he pretty much demolishes Little Baby Man's defense. "He wondered at times if Trump was acting in America's best interest or if he was inspired by nefarious reasons, according to a person familiar with the book..." Ha, ha, ha. Very funny. A little monkey-wrench in the grand coverup.

It will be interesting to watch 53 Republican Senators squirm. How do they extricate themselves out of this pickle? What sand will they throw in our eyes? How will they continue the pretense? How do they look themselves in the mirror?

What hoops must they jump through to avoid the truth? How will they deny Mr. Mustache the opportunity to testify at the Impeachment trial? This is getting quite entertaining.

What a sordid saga of corruption. Yes, well, I do think "the truth will out." It's an ugly story. But, best to get it out into the light of day. Let's expose all the ugly details. Yes. We can handle the truth. It's the only way to keep everyone honest. Is that even possible in this world of dishonesty?

The a.m. soundtrack is such an obvious choice - U2's "Joshua Tree." (1987). A monster record. Sold an ungodly number of copies. So ubiquitous. Every track radio-friendly. It's almost a cliche now. I mean it's almost a cliche to even listen to it. But really, it's a fabulous record. Every song works. Some songs are magisterial, majestic, sacred. It all does sound like "church music." Bono proclaims, testifies, preaches. And Edge and company back him to the hilt. This is the real deal. Truth.

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