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Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Too much skullduggery to catalog this A.M.

The leaks and bombshells are coming fast and furious now. That's the result of Nancy Pelosi pulling the trigger on an "impeachment inquiry." Everything has changed.

Too much news. Too much skullduggery to catalog this A.M.

I am still trying to process it all. The narrative has branched out in so many ways, it's a bit difficult to pull the threads together into some rational coherence. That's the world we live in now. Information Vs. Disinformation and trying to parse & understand which is which. Head spinning.

As I write these words I am listening to Roger Water's great record "Is this the Life We Really Want?" Perfect music for our dysfunctional dystopia. I try to tell myself some basic facts. They are like lifeboats. Essential ideas.

Some plain-thinking, plain-speaking is in order...

1. Our President is corrupt as fuck. He is a desperate, ignorant man, who cares not a whit for his country. Keep that in mind as this all comes crashing down.
2. "The whistle-blower" whoever he or she is, is a hero, a patriot. Brave. Courageous. Finally one person in this mad adventure has stood up and called out the corruption. This person has totally changed their lives, and ours too. Nothing will ever be the same. Their lives are altered forever. What a grave and important act. To blow the whistle on a corrupt as fuck President.
3. The President's enablers, lackeys, boot-lickers in his administration and in the GOP are the worst cowards. They have looked away, knowing that corruption oozes from every poor from our Little Baby Man President. There will be lots of back-biting, back-stabbing, rats jumping from a sinking ship. Expect lots more bombshells, leaks and black deeds brought to light. Ugly for sure.
4. The Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, have to step up and lead this effort to reveal the truth. They have to do the clean-up. The American People need to pay attention. To listen. To support this effort to bring the corruption to light, and then to fix our Democracy. A big job, for sure.
5. Keep our heads. Pay attention. Don't get swamped by the news, the lies, the spin, the disinformation. We are all easily swayed. We have such short attention spans. It's time to pay attention. Be awake. Alive. Our Democracy is teetering.

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