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Wednesday, October 09, 2019

The Oracle of Imbecility!

Rules for Survival #, well, I'm not sure what #, I haven't compiled a list yet, but recent events compel me to start a list, so not sure what # this one is, but it's an important rule.

Rule # (who knows?): If anyone you know puffs themselves up by crowing about "My Unmatched Wisdom," run for the hills. Don't hesitate, please, just stifle your laughter, there will be time for laughter later, when you find a safe place, run, just drop everything and RUN for your LIFE!''

Who used this phrase? I refuse to utter the name. Let me give you some clues, all of them relevant: Oddly Colored White Guy (see smudges of Orange), Loud, Fat, Ill-Fitting Suit, Goofy Hair, Brain-Worms, (the brain-worms are aggressively & progressively working thru his brain-matter), speaks nonsense always, constantly, a Colossal Imbecile.

You know those ancient Greeks, they had something called the Oracle of Delphi, it was located at the navel of the world. Folks would trek there, seeking guidance, words of wisdom, and to have their burning questions answered.

We instead have the Oracle of Imbecility located in the shadow of the Washington Monument. This man is a never-ending fount of stupid. His "My Unmatched Wisdom" phrase is not the stupidest thing he has ever said, you know, it truly is impossible to parse and to rate his complete idiocy. He is a man who declares himself a genius, a genius of geniuses. It is hard to get a grasp upon his imbecility, it is still spinning out in prodigious quantity. We expect the frequency and audacity of his infinite stupidness will increase as the folks around him try to figure out how to oust him from his position of power. This is a black hole of stupidity. Unfathomable.

It is all going to get so much more stupid. Run, Pilgrim.  Run for the hills.  Find a safe place. Then let go, laugh, big belly laughs are recommended.  Thrill at the infinite stupidity of man. I mean, for sure, the infinite imbecility of this man.

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