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Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Popped Into My Head.

I have not thought long and hard about these, they just popped into my head...

It's not good enough to support Leaders who hate the same people you hate. Hate is a powerful weapon, it can move people, destroy mountains, help build concentration camps, murder children, etc. Hate is nihilism. Hate is a cheap high. It doesn't last. It is Death. Finally leads to a solitary bunker and a fully-loaded revolver. The Leader who promotes Hate, Hates himself too. That Hateful Leader will make the history books, but he will end up in the dust heap, a black hole, Hell. Increasing suffering in the world is no way to live. Hate+Hate=Hate.

It's not good enough to side with the Man who only works for his own self-interest. Another dead end. A short-term high. Follow the money. Follow the Ego blowing smoke up it's own ass. You get the thrill of watching a Shark being a Shark. It's a tired thrill. Watch the Greedy One stuffing himself with the treasures of the world. An Epic, failed, toxic, over-stuffed clown.

Watch the thought bubbles rising across the land. Even over those who you consider your Political Opponents. What happens when even they see that their Last White Hero is working for the interests of another country, another TinPot World Leader? What is the fate of a Man who betrays his followers, who betrays his country, who betrays the law, the constitution and and all moral and ethical limits? What happens when the Last White Hero is finally revealed to be a sycophantic toady to another nihilistic power?

Justice can be a thrill too. Watching Folks getting what they deserve. Earning their rewards. Justice can be appealing, swift, brutal. What happens when the Last White Hero stands naked before the world? Weak, blubbering, no defense, no friends, no allies, finally standing to face the music. The Smart, Gentle Ones amongst us, must turn away. Yes, we say, "Let it come down." But let us not celebrate. There is no joy. Justice is a hard master.

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