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Sunday, April 07, 2019

What To Do?

The Human Being thing.

On your best days, you try to be the best Human Being that you can be. It's not easy. "It's not easy being green!" We are all nature's experiments. We are all a bit arbitrary and unfinished, and soon to be obsolete. You look around and realize most of the worst shit in the world is instigated and promulgated by your fellow Human Beings. Sometimes you just have to give them the benefit of the doubt, you know, maybe they just don't know any better? And of course, you are totally and thoroughly implicated in this assessment too. Still, there's no escaping. And maybe no excuses either. If you are a Human Being, you have to step up and admit that you are part of the problem. I suppose you can also try to be part of the solution, but, it's funny, the problems we create seem to loom so much larger over us all. The solutions usually seem pretty paltry, temporary and probably a bit misguided.

What to do?

You don't want to disown your species, (although, there are times it seems the only sensible course),  but you have major doubts that we can ever really get our shit together. People are so disappointing, and often appalling. You wonder where it's all headed, but, then again, it's probably out of your hands. So, on your best days, you just try to do your best to be the best Human Being you can be, knowing it's not enough. I mean, just probably not good enough. But it will have to do. You must try to live with a bit of intelligence, a bit of grace,  a bit of humility and hope for the best. And encourage other folks to do the same.

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