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Tuesday, April 09, 2019

The Mill of Now...

I hate to go back, to look back. I tend not to be wistful or nostalgic. I mean, I am so much about living in the moment, always onto the next thing; the next song, the next show, the next meal, whatever. I have the voice inside of me always: "There's no turning back."


At the same time I do love reading history. First-person narratives of other lives. So, really, I am often time-tripping, but usually in someone else's head. So in that way, I do often go back. I wade thru other eras, other times, other places. But still, even then, it's all just grist for the mill, the mill of now. What can I learn? How do these stories reflect and enlighten my life now?

What to do today?

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