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Vote Blue 2020

Friday, April 05, 2019

Details and Truth!

This "screen-cap" from Twitter-land sort encapsulates the weird PR/Spin/Disinformation world we live in. There are those spinning public narratives, trying to influence our perceptions, trying to obscure the Truth, confusing us, and filling our heads up with mush. This is how you sell shit that no one wants, it's how you fool people, how you waste our fucking time with idiocies, and keep us confused about what's really happening all around us. It's also how authoritarian strongmen, governments, and corporations keep power, keep the people in the dark.

Often folks just throw up their hands, give up, on what is true or not true. They just believe whatever they want to believe. The world of perception is reality. Truth is whatever you want it to be. There are also those who know that lies, disinformation and spin are great tools to obscure, the deceive, and to keep power. They do not care about truth and lies unless it helps them maintain their power, their position, their advantage. They have learned you can "hack the press," they also have their organs of propaganda that pump out disinformation 24/7. Noise. Fucking noise.

It is better to keep our heads, to focus on the details, to get to the essential truth. I believe it is possible. I believe it is essential. Takes a bit of determination to cut thru the B.S. To call out the liars, the spinners, that bad actors, but it must be done. What happened? What actually, really happened? Not what people think, not what people say. What fucking happened? What did they do? What are the facts? Who did what to whom? Who, What, Where, When, How... and then, maybe, Why? You know, simple, verifiable questions.

It requires us to be aware, be awake, to always be questioning, always trying our best to verify...

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