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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Little Diversion: Chuck D. and The Clash!

We need our little diversions. Most of our lives are filled with little diversions. Essentially we are all little diversions in the big rollicking narrative of our species and of our planet.

So yes, we live our little lives, occupying ourselves any way we can to avoid the void, the sadness, the madness, the weirdness. Case in point, I am so happy I found this podcast on Spotify: "Stay Free: The Story of the Clash!"

I just finished Episode 3... total of 8 Episodes.

An extraordinary diversion for sure. Not only is it thrilling and cool to relive the story of the Clash (the only band that matters), but it is also thrilling and cool to hear all the voices of the band and the folks who were there when it all emerged out of the bleak, punk, London 70's.

Maybe best of all, Chuck D from Public Enemy narrates the story. There is something so powerful about Chuck D's voice; his intelligence, his humor, his deep knowledge of music comes thru in each episode. Oh yeah, also cool, he draws a line from The Clash to Public Enemy and it totally makes sense.

Inspiring stuff. A nice little diversion for sure. Essential listening.

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