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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

This Will Not Stand!

I do think William Barr, the portly, rumpled, older, white-man speaking nonsense in measured, lawyerly, authoritative tones, the current U.S. Attorney General is a fraud. His words are weasel-words! He is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Trying to protect a Criminal in the Oval Office. We watched it all in real time. It was sort of flabbergasting.

Did Barr think we wouldn't notice? He lobbied the Criminal in the Oval Office to be appointed to the job, based on his views that the President is "above the law." It was the Nixon argument in a nutshell: April 6, 1977: Nixon: ‘If the President Does It, That Means It’s Not Illegal'  Barr is a bad actor. He tried to mislead, misrepresent the Mueller Report. The report actually lays out a devastating case against the Criminal in Chief. Read the full Mueller Report here. It is well-written, it is essential. I dare you to do it. If you have any "reading comprehension skills," you will understand. The man in the Oval Office belongs in a jail cell. Really.

Barr is trying to shut down talk of obstruction of justice, shut down talk of impeachment. He is not acting in good faith.

No Man is Above the Law!

I don't think Barr's strategy will work. Maybe it buys some time. It makes the Democrats jobs a bit more difficult. How to cleanse the system? How to bring the criminals to account for their bad acts? It's gonna be a messy fight. It's gonna take time. But it's happening. I do believe. Too many threads, too many scandals, too many bad acts and bad actors have congregated, like flies to a pile of shite.
Our country is better than this President. We really are, we deserve better representation. This will not stand!

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