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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Darkness. We are Waiting.

"There’s a beautiful Inuit word “qarrtsiluni.” It means, “sitting together in the dark, waiting for something to happen.” - Teju Cole

Yes, aren't we all just sitting in the dark, waiting for something to happen? 

Some of us carry a spark, you see it in our eyes. Some of us bring, or fashion, candles, the solitary flame lights up our own faces, and casts shadows and reflections upon others. Some us band together and make big, roaring, crackling fires. The circle of fire lights up a group of beings, and brings them warmth, it also consumes the logs, creates sparks, and makes everything ash.

Still, finally, we are all, mainly, in the dark. There are flashes of light. There are times of candles and fires, times of deep illumination, but those times ebb and flow, they gutter out, fade away. Darkness. We sit. We are waiting.

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