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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trump - American Nazi!

Kevin Drum over at Mother Jones is pretty much a middle of the road, moderate Democrat. Not extreme. Not an over the top worrier. Does not fan the flames. Is always looking at the data. Trying to be clear-headed, clear-minded. He along with Paul Krugman are pretty much my "go-to" political writers. 

So when Drum describes the Short-Fingered Vulgarian's "industrialized racism," I do take notice. It is remarkable how quickly the Vulgarian has devolved into "fantasies of the Third Reich."

Think of him as "Hitler-Lite!" Or "Toy Hitler." Crazy? Right? Only if you don't believe a word the man says, which is understandable. But if you do listen to the man, and take him seriously, you realize he is imagining some kind of grand demonization and "manifest depravity" of epic proportions.

Now that being said, I do not think this abomination of a human being will be elected President. There are not enough racists/Nazis in America at the moment. He's a fringe candidate leading a major political party. But he is a truly dangerous phenomenon, an obvious fraud, blowhard, and trumped up Nazi, fanning the flames of fear and racism. 

The man is clearly out of his element. Most of what he says is not rational, not ready for polite company. And he does not represent a valid, political movement. Yes, he should, and will be, crushed. That's if he doesn't walk away from it all before the convention, or before the election.

This Nazi will not be President. But maybe it's all instructive for us to witness the blatant depravity of his ignorance, arrogance and racism. Maybe America can learn from this black hole of political ugliness.

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