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Friday, June 17, 2016

"Personal Insult, Racist Woofing, and Misogynist Bile..."

Yesterday I came across David Remnick writing about Hillary Clinton and the Short Fingered Vulgarian. I do love the way the man writes a sentence.

"Has a national election ever suggested a more vividly divergent choice? Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for decades, and her ideology, her instincts, her mistakes, her victories, her intelligence and character, her resilience are as exposed as those of any candidate in recent memory. Donald Trump—gaudy real-estate brander, reality-show star, educational huckster—has been in the glare just as long, but as a bit player in the national phantasmagoria. Not anymore: with his puckered scowl and his preposterous narcissism, he clinched the Republican nomination with ease, serially vanquishing sixteen rivals rendered hapless by a campaign that made improvisation its organizing principle and fuelled itself on an unending stream of personal insult, racist woofing, and misogynist bile."

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