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Friday, June 03, 2016

"It just doesn't matter..."

Bad Day? An astrophysicist explains why "It just doesn't matter."

Yes, the immensity of space does freak me out. Toss in the immensity of time too. Space and time. Both immensities totally do freak me out. Against those two mind-boggling immensities there is me/you. Tiny, insignificant, me/you.

It can be overwhelming. And ego-deflating. 

"Sure, space is unimaginably vast, and you're just a tiny speck of speckiness in the vast wheeling cosmos. But does that mean you're insignificant and unimportant? Yes, it does. And that's awesome because what that means is you're off the hook."

This astrophysicist advises us to embrace our insignificance. No matter what happens, at our level of tiny-ness, "It just doesn't matter." I suppose this totally contradicts one of my core ideas - "Everything counts." But then again, maybe not.

How about "Yes, everything counts and, yes, guess what, it just doesn't matter?!?"

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