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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Klosterman Goes for the Bad Guy!

The villain. Right. Why are we attracted to the villain? Maybe not so much in real life, but in fiction for sure? That's the subject of Chuck Klosterman's "I Wear the Black Hat."  I just started reading it last night. Yes, another brilliant book by Klosterman. He never fails to deliver. He's always twisting your brain. 

He is sort of a pop cultural philosopher. 

He makes you think Bernard Goetz is a real-life Batman. Sort of. And Muhammad Ali was a pretty blatant racist. No doubt. And it's not really all that important to actually hate the Eagles. Okay, watch the documentary on the Eagles and you really will hate them. For sure.

And Chuck explains how maybe our opinions about good and bad aren't really all that important anyway. And we are always making shit up to justify things that just pop into our heads.

Like I said, pretty damn brilliant.

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