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Friday, June 24, 2016

Bold Step into the Past!

Brexit. It wasn't the number one issue on my radar. My first, fairly uniformed reaction: Britain voted against the future and jumped right back into the past. 

You think the future is inevitable. But there is always a churn, and the future isn't really what you think it is. You may have hope for a big united global community, but you also know that that reality is a long, long way away.

BTW - Felix Salmon gives us a good idea about this whole issue. A good read.

Felix: "The result is that we are now entering a world in retreat from progress, a world of atavistic nationalisms and mutual distrust, a world in which we demonize foreigners and prefer walls to bridges. In November, the U.S. will have its own plebiscite, and will likely vote along similar lines to Britain. The cities, and the young, will vote for progress, inclusion, and unity. Meanwhile, the white, rural areas and the old will vote for a sepia-tinged dream of a past in which equality was something only straight white men really qualified for."

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