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Friday, June 10, 2016

The Most Important Speech of the Year.

Yesterday Elizabeth Warren made the most important political speech of the year. You can watch it in full here (highly recommended):

Yes, it's a complete takedown of the Short-Fingered Vulgarian. She absolutely destroys the man. With facts. Hard, cold facts.

But more importantly as Jeff Stein of Vox explains, the speech made a much bigger argument about the Republican party and how they have systematically attacked the rule of law, and tried to bend it to benefit Corporations and the wealthy. Folks like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Jeff Sessions have obstructed judges nominated by Barack Obama just because has has nominated good judges who follow the rule of law.

The speech really ties it all together. Beautifully. Yes, it's a takedown of the "nasty thin-skinned fraud" but it makes the case for a complete overhaul of the Senate and House.

I'm rooting for a wave election with a Woman in the White House and lots of new progressive Dems in both chambers of Congress. Thank you Elizabeth Warren. Fantastic!

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