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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Positive and Optimistic!

Hot around here. Yesterday afternoon we found ourselves at the neighborhood coffeehouse, sitting outside, in the shade, sipping excellent coffee beverages. A group of us were talking politics. So much fear and worry on people's minds.

It's funny. I was the most positive and optimistic of the bunch. I am feeling really good about the upcoming election. I know it will be sort of a slog, and there is more madness and ugliness to wade through, but when the dust settles, I do believe that a Woman will be finally sworn is as President of the USA. And this will be a great thing.

And I'm not sure, but I do think that this particular Woman has the potential to be a tremendous President. She's smart, tough, and she will be leading an energized party. I have great hope that a new, more progressive era begins.

And I am also positive that Obama will be remembered as one of the greatest Presidents we ever were lucky to have in office. He is a brilliant man. He has navigated through tough times with absolutely no help at all from the bat-shit crazy GOP. 

This video just makes me so happy. It's so good. Kind of takes you through the highlights of the Obama era. I miss the man already. I do wish I could vote for him again, and again. Fie on the 22nd amendment!  Jimmy Fallon, the Roots and Obama! Big love!

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