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Friday, March 04, 2016

Trump's Black Magic!

It is fascinating to watch the blood-letting on the right. The GOP isn't so much a political party, as collection of grifters, hacks, con-men, corporate lap-dogs, and blow-hards of epic proportions. 

Something clicked for me yesterday about Trump. His comment about Romney: "He walks like a penguin," really resonated with me. What a funny remark. What a ridiculous thing to say in front of a crowd of people. 

What an indelible image. 

I could see it vividly. Romney walking like a penguin. And in that image, Trump basically destroyed the man! Doesn't matter what Romney thinks, what he's done, who he is... he walks like a penguin! 

That's magic. Black magic. That's using psychic imagery, and projecting it into the world. And changing the world, changing our perception of the world. And you suspect that Romney probably does walk like a penguin! 

Trump is not an idiot, he's not crazy! He does have a method. He uses words very, very effectively. He is the master of the insult: Cruz is a self-righteous liar, Rubio is a sweaty little boy, Jeb is a low-energy lump. 

Of course, Trump is a complete fabrication. He comes across as an idiot, a complete buffoon, but that's just his avatar! He doesn't have a plan or a clue. Policy doesn't matter. He has words. Pointed, deadly words! Trump has trumped us! Pretty fascinating! He has mojo! But Trump your mojo don't work on me!

And just why doesn't the black magic work on me?! I can see it!

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