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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fiona Apple's Affair!

We've been watching the Showtime series, "The Affair." As my Mom says, "It's soapy!" It's not bad, mildly diverting, some of the main characters are quite annoying, but it's well-written, well-acted, and kind of keeps you guessing.

But the truly extraordinary thing about the series is the opening credit sequence. This is an art-form all it's own. And this art-form has been elevated by some beautifully rendered sequences over the years. I think of Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire (Brian Jonestown Massacre), True Blood (Jace Everrett doing a Chris Issak imitation), True Detective (Season #1 The Handsome Family, Season #2 Leonard Cohen).  Excellent use of image and sound.

Add the opening of "The Affair" to the list. Fiona Apple. It's beautiful, haunting. It's kind of the profundity undergirding the "soapy" hurly-burly of the show. The song and imagery has clung to me like a midnight cloak. 

"I have only one thing to do and that's to be the wave that I am and then sink back into the ocean..."

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