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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Tom Joad of the Animal Kingdom

It turns out I am the "Tom Joad" of the animal kingdom.

It you have tooth, claw, paw, whisker, beak, feather, tail, fur - I am there for you. If you are down, if you need a pick me up, if you need a meal, or a treat, a walk, or a romp, if you need to frolic, or just some mad play, or some exuberant rough-housing - I am there.

I am your confidante, your bosom buddy, your consigliere, your keeper, your fellow-traveler.

I will love you. I will care for you. I will laugh at you. I will talk to you, I will keep up a rambling, ever-morphing monologue for your entertainment, I will say everything that pops into my head, I will tell you everything. I will treat you like my confessor and I will confess everything. Absolutely everything. I will keep a stream of conversation going, even if you never answer me except with long, soul-full looks.

I will travel from one part of town to another to be with you. You will be my purpose, my mission, my job. I will only fully live in your animal glow.

You need me. I am there...

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