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Friday, March 11, 2016

Authoritarian vs. Anti-Authoritarian!

This article from Vox about the "Rise of American Authoritarianism" seems so important, so of the moment. An absolute must-read.

I was blown away by the thorough analysis. In-depth. This is an example of the type of web-journalism you yearn for, hope for - it's needed, essential. Illuminating! You learn about the topic, the study, how the study was conducted, what it tells us about our political scene today, how it relates to other Authoritarian movements and the improbable rise of the Short-Finger Vulgarian (see previous post).

I am distinctly NOT an Authoritarian. Put me in the Anti-Authoritarian Camp. It just comes naturally. Ever since I was a wee lad. I remember being on the playground, there was the Bully, and then the kids who followed and egged on the Bully.

I was always with the kid who was being beat. Always on the side of the Underdog. I got some bloody noses too. And I ate my share of dirt. But the Big Man Bastards could not keep me down.

I worry about my fellow Americans. They seem to be rallying around the Big Man! That really is the worst of us coming to the fore! Get it together folks!

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