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Monday, April 16, 2012

Yes, You Bet!

Yes, I think it's best to sometimes act like what you are doing has never been done before.  I mean not only hasn't it been done by you, but it's never been done by anyone before in the history of the world, ever!

I mean, I guess this is a kind of a trick, a way of pulling the wool over your own eyes, but maybe that "not knowingness" that innocence, that "assumed naivete" can work to your advantage.

I mean, I know there's something to be gained by experience and knowledge, but maybe there's also something to be lost.  And maybe starting from scratch, with only your own wits to rely upon, isn't such a bad way to take on the world.

You may fall into the ditch.  You may stub your toes.  Hell, your lunch "may be eaten," but maybe you end up doing and trying things that you'd never imagine doing or trying, if you "knew better."

And maybe the trying and doing is the better way to live.  And maybe some of those knowledgeable "no ways" can be transformed into naive "yes, you bets!"

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