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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Intricate Dance

As the Dali Lama reminds us: Human Beings first.  We are all human, all the same species.  So there's no division there.  We are all human. 

And the glowing thing (see previous post), well it just happens.  It cuts across all persuasions.  It's a spirit thing. And maybe it's a good thing that everyone is not a "glower."  The world would be too bright.  And you can probably glow or not glow.  Depending.  

So it's not like a "caste" that you can't escape.  It's just an inclination which you can indulge or not.  It just makes sense that if you live in a world of light, you'd want to hang with other "light-bearers."

And you'd want to avoid the black holes of the spirit.  You can empathize with them, you don't need to shun them, but maybe you step carefully, and minimize your exposure to them.  That black hole has power and it can suck out the light, stamp it out.

And maybe it's not intentional.  Maybe it's just natural.  An intricate dance of light and shadow.  You just need to watch your step. 

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