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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Over in a Flash!

Played a show last night.  We were "the headliners," which in the circuit where we play basically means that we go on last.  So it's a late night.  And we spend lots of time in the club watching other bands play.  This can be a good thing when you see a band you really enjoy, and it can be really bad when you have to sit through a set from a band you really, really don't enjoy.  We experienced both last night.

Not naming names...

Anyway, we got on last; the audience had thinned out a little, but we filled the room with our sound.  We have really jelled as a unit, and we were in "stripped down" mode, just vocals, one guitar, one bass, one drum-kit.  We really enjoy making music together.  And I think it comes across to the audience.

We did a bunch of originals and a bunch of covers.  We worked up a sweat and ended with a cover of Lee Hazelwood's "These Boots are Made for Walking." It was a long wait to get on stage and then our set seemed to be over in a flash.

After-show inventory: Didn't break any strings.  Didn't get raving drunk.  Didn't insult anyone.  Made it home in one piece.

Yeah, I guess it was a pretty good show...

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