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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Making Ourselves Too

Yes, so after basically a 2 year process, we finished the whitewolfsonicprincess CD, we played a smoking show at the CD release party, and we sold a bunch of limited edition CDs.

You would think that we have reached some kind of ending or culmination of the process.

But really, for us, it feels like a beginning.  It was like Sunday's show was some kind of "coming out" party.  People really listened to the band.  And the band was alive and in the moment.  And finally it all became real.

It was like all the earlier work was just preliminary stuff:  a working out, a working through. And yesterday we talked about the next CD.  So there's no summit.  No top of the mountain.  No culmination. Just another step in a long unwinding process.

Yes, we have a cool CD to sell, but that's just another step in the unfolding.  There are satisfying moments along the way, but they are only gateways to the next moment.  The process of making the thing is all.  We are making the thing and making ourselves too.

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