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Friday, April 06, 2012


If you have a band, the big question on everyone's lips... what do you sound like?  People really do want you to put yourself in a box.  It's just natural I guess.  As a performer/creator you are always trying to get out of the boxes others want to put you in.  You try to imagine a world without boxes.  But in order to process what you do, people usually expect some kind of guide or insight into where you are coming from.

And we all have influences.  We are all coming from somewhere, even if we don't really like looking in the rearview mirror.

So I'm standing at the counter at Reckless Records and I'm filling out a form to get our new whitewolfsonicprincess CD 10+1 in inventory and I come to the box that says: Description.

My head is full of feedback from other people who saw us play on Sunday and who have heard the disc; so without thinking, without hesitation, I scribble down the following:

"Recorded, mixed and mastered in Chicago, a bold blend of Rock/Gypsy/Jazz-inflected music with a blend of transcendental poetry and a solid rock foundation.  Think: Jefferson Airplane meets Gillian Welch meets The Doors!"

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