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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Georgeous George!?

Election day. It's cloudy, rainy here, but I think there is something in the air. I predict a huge turn-out throughout the country. Kerry will win in a mini-tidal wave. 3-5 points up in the popular vote, over 300 electoral votes. Then the real battle begins. If Kerry thought the campaign was brutal, just wait...he must be prepared to fight tooth and nail. The Republican conservative movement is going to go through a 'death rattle,' and they will not go gently into the night.

I am fascinated with the Dylan book. He's writing as a 63 year old man, about the 19 year old kid. He writes, acts, as if he knew a secret all along: he was a man of destiny. He soaked everything up, lived like he knew he was going to need all the tools.

He sings Woody's songs to Woody in the hospital. He lives on other people's couches. Sings in the clubs, picks up a buck here and there. He meets Mike Seeger and realizes that he's gonna have to do more than just sing the old songs, no matter what, Seeger can do it better.

Dylan submerges himself in the history of the American Civil War. He believes that this time in America holds the key to the country and to his 'art.' He is not writing his own songs yet, but he begins to think he needs to let his creativity out of the box. Two of Dylan's heroes: Georgeous George (the wrestler), Harry Belafonte (the calypso singer).

Dylan's story is the story of a kid, with a guitar wandering the streets of New York (Whitman was here, Poe was there), realizing that anything is possible. New York is a place that harbors no 'favoritism.' Inspiring!

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