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Monday, November 15, 2004

Dim Sum, Yum

Sunday: slept in late, went for 'dim sum,' (the floor show: little steel carts pushed around by tiny chinese women) at Furama an authentic Chinese restuarant on Broadway. We treated our friendly neighbors to a dim sum brunch. It's amazing all the things you can wrap in a dumpling.

In the afternoon: crashed on the couch.

In the evening: read 'The Reckoning,' (about the murder of the Elizabethan playwright, Christopher Marlowe); Catholic (Mary Queen of Scots) and Protestant (Elizabeth) spies consipiring against each other (France vs. England) for money and status. The skull-duggery and betrayal makes the head spin.

Monday: welcome to the working week. Well-rested, expectant. No laughter, no applause. Must fill the silence with...sound and fury?!

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