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Monday, November 29, 2004

The Divine Belly Laugh

'To every season...turn, turn, turn.' Holiday is over, Carla's off to New York, back to 'the wheel.' Still reeling from our 'seminar,' yesterday. We explored the archetype of 'the Fool.' The Fool is the happy, carefree madman, who is in communication with the Divine (Divine Madness), through the belly laugh. We did a whole series of creative visualizations to reconnect with this aspect. I definitely experienced this as a series of little 'breakthroughs.'

Not to get too 'psychological,' I saw that all my own wounds have been self-inflicted, and that all the healing I require is within my grasp. These 'psychic meditations,' have allowed me to 'reaccess' my abilities. I always get recharged when I go to Invision. Creative Visualization has opened a completely new world. I am 'inspired,' to 'let my freak flag fly!'

I am confirmed in the knowledge that we are all more than our bodies. There is a 'knowledge,' that is beyond thought. The tools are simple: a grounding cord, a gold sun, a rose. We can create, we can destroy. There is a joy in the doing! A BELLY LAUGH, INDEED!

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