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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Warring Mind...

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald 1936.

Only two opposed ideas? Yes. Sure. I think some of us have more than two opposed ideas warring and clashing inside our heads. A head always clashing. So, with so many warring ideas swirling around all the time, maybe not so "first-rate." A grand goulash of mushy ideas. Not so intelligent but for sure, pretty much confused.

I am thinking of these fruitful "ISMS" this morning...

Fatalism - "resignation in the face of events."
Optimism - "put the most favorable construction on actions & events."
Pessimism - "expect the worst outcome," "reality is essential evil."
Realism - "concern for fact or reality, rejection of the impractical or visionary."
Idealism - "theory that the ultimate reality lies in a realm of transcending phenomena."
Actualism - "the view that everything there is, is actual."
Existentialism "individuals are self-determining entities, responsible for making authentic choices."
Rationalism - "accepting reason as the supreme authority in matters of opinion, belief, or conduct."

I would say all of these ideas/theories are alive and well in many of us. It's all about proportion, percentages, we are always navigating, working thru, trying to figure it all out, moment by moment.
A clash, a raging cauldron, a hurricane. Alive in our heads and bodies pretty much at all times. It can be exhausting. 

The only solution: silence, meditation, doing our best to still the raging head. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 

The a.m. soundtrack - Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue." (1959). A blast of genius cool. Beautiful. The Miles Davis Sextet featuring some of the all time great Jazz musicians of any era: John Coltrane & Cannonball Adderly on Sax, Bill Evans on piano, Paul Chambers on bass, Jimmy Cobb on drums. Perfect. Miles trumpet is such a cool, evocative, musical voice. There is a grace, a lightness of touch in every track. No doubt a masterpiece record. Recorded at two sessions in New York. Breath-taking. Life-affirming. We are all lucky to have this record. Not just a great Jazz recording, one of the finest recordings ever made, any genre.  The finest stuff. Always a pleasure to put on the box. Sit back and luxuriate in the genius of great musicians playing, listening, communicating, transcending. They totally bring it, with grace & beauty.

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