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Vote Blue 2020

Sunday, March 03, 2019

"Spirit is Everything."


Some tell us it doesn't exist.
I woke up this morning
with this first thought,
"Spirit is everything."

I mean the spiritual life.
Not what you think.
A life of spirit.
Not a religion,
not a credo,
not a simple answer,
not a simple condition.

Still, spirit
is everything.

Or maybe I mean it
as a question:
Isn't spirit everything?

Even if we can't
put our finger on it,
don't really know
what it means,
can't capture it,
can't commodify it,
can't see it,
can't touch it.

We embody it,
or it embodies us.

It's a mystery.
It animates us.
It surrounds us.
It lights us up.

I think it's everything.
So much of everything,
it is invisible,

What does it mean?
Who knows?

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