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Thursday, March 07, 2019

Premonitions & Precognition!

I don't know...

I have been thinking
about premonitions &
precognition lately.

I mean, it's funny.
Don't we all have
all the time?

"a feeling that something,
esp. something unpleasant
is going to happen"

That pretty much happens
to me every day.
How about you?

And when I have those feelings
I am always rewarded
because something unpleasant
is always happening.

What about precognition?

"knowledge of a future event,
especially when this comes from 
a direct message to the mind
such as in a dream,
rather than by reason"

Yep. I have often
knowledge of events
thru dreams
and "direct messages."

Haven't you?

It's kind of like tuning into
a Pirate Radio Station.
A strange frequency from
another time & place.

I don't think I am unique.
And the "knowledge" isn't
all that helpful. Not all that

You see 
something coming,
you know something 
is happening
the knowledge 
overcomes you
you are clued in
in advance.

But knowing
something in advance
doesn't necessarily
mean you can do
anything about it.

Some things just happen
when they happen.

You are left with:
"I knew it!"

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