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Monday, March 25, 2019

A Riot in My Head...

All the news this morning leaves me speechless.

I just have no idea what to think. I have no opinion. No hint of what to think. I am confused. I feel stupid. I think someone is lying to me, I have this distinct feeling that the truth is being buried out in the backyard.

I think there is more to the story, and it will emerge, but who knows?!

Something is going down. Something I just don't understand. I think folks are lying, lying to all of us. Maybe best to just wait, tune out the noise, or put some glorious noise on the stereo and chill with a good cup of java.

Yes, good idea... this morning it's Sly and the Family Stone's "There's a Riot Going On," (1970-1971), truly one of the greatest albums in the history of albums. It's a riot, a party, an over-stuffed musical cornucopia of super-funky and musical sound. There is a riot going down in my fricking head... a riot of confusion... but it sounds so damn good, so damn funky, there's even a bit of yodeling, yes, I kid you not, yodeling...  it's a masterwork, a glorious, seriously beautiful, riotous noise!

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