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Vote Blue 2020

Monday, March 18, 2019

Feast of Bleakness

Yesterday a few of us engaged in a gruesomely bleak conversation: The Terrible Realities of our Present Predicament - Death of the Environment, Racism, Misogyny, Power Politics, Moral & Ethical Blind Spots. We ran down all the outrages, all the Blatant Stupidities of the Human Species.

Quite the Feast of Bleakness.

We couldn't actually agree on the basic cause of our nastiness, and really there probably isn't just ONE CAUSE, but a number of interlocking problems, with the main culprits being the love of money over humanity, the Free Market Myth, the Idiocy of White Supremacy, the Patriarchy, Ignorance, Greediness, Slavery, Fear of the Other, Fear of Death, Colonialism, a long and gruesome History of Genocide and Domination across the Globe.

Holy Shite. It's a wonder any of us can get up this morning, and find the strength to tie our shoes and face the day. Yeah, it was that bleak. Folks, I am here to tell you, we need a Miracle!

I thought of Anthony Burgess and his novel, "A Clockwork Orange." We need a Better Human Being, I mean the whole Species is up for a renewal, a re-tread, a re-think. That is supposedly the human experiment. But is Evolution one grand circle or some kind of crooked path forward?

Do the Stupid Ones die out? Or do they Thrive and Conquer?

What if we could invent a Pill that makes us Love one Another? You know, like Ecstasy, but lasts a lifetime? What if you could put on special glasses and no longer see "races," you know, everyone would just look like another human being? What if, we could forget the brutal, deadly past of our species and start over, clean? You know, everyone valued and celebrated, and loved?

I mean, WHAT IF?! I do cling to some crazy notion of Hope. Not sure why, it's just in me somewhere. I recall that phrase, and I do keep it in my back pocket for use in times of dire need:
"A CHANGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS CAN HAPPEN IN AN INSTANT!" I do, improbably, and fiercely Believe.

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