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Saturday, April 09, 2016

What Then?

Is the United States of America an "elaborate fraud?" It does seem that the wealthy among us have "cooked the books." Off-shoring cash to evade taxes? I suppose it's not surprising that folks are greedy and will do anything to maximize their wealth at the expense of their fellow citizens. It happens time and time again. In countries all over the world. Maybe it's just human nature? But then, it is incumbent upon us to try to construct societies and governments, that take greed and abuse of power into account. People will game the system. Any system. Not surprising. So yeah, we can't trust each other, we can't trust ourselves, or at least we all know that we can't be trusted either. Everyone want's a bit more than the "other guy." It's not an admirable trait. Once the people lose trust in fair play, or know that the system has been rigged from top to bottom, well what happens then?

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