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Friday, April 29, 2016

Selling the Revolution!

Selling the con. Yes, I think Kevin Drum nails it.  I like Bernie Sanders too. But I've never really felt "the Bern." Never believed in the Revolution that Bernie was selling. I mean, we could use a revolution, but we are far from a revolutionary state. And Bernie can't conjure it all by himself. He can't even conjure it with a bunch of fired-up followers. Just not enough revolutionaries in the land.

This seemed so obvious from the start. We live in a divided country. We live in the middle of political stalemate. The last 8 years of Obama's presidency has shown that to get anything done is a hard slog. It would be great if the poor and disenfranchised would rise up and shake it all up, but the poor and disenfranchised are too poor and disenfranchised to participate in our politics. And this big old Empire is just not that easy to shake up.

Revolution takes pretty extreme circumstances. And well, we just aren't there. Obama has shown us the way this works - slow, pragmatic, incremental changes - battling with the forces of inaction and backward thinking.

We need more hard-working Democrats. We need more progressive people in the House and Senate. We need a tough-minded progressive spirit. Evolution not Revolution. Not as sexy. But that is the reality of our political environment.

And that woman playing the "woman's card," (see previous post) is the logical choice for November. The Short-Fingered Vulgarian will go down in a historic defeat. If he gets that far. Hillary 2016!

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