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Monday, April 25, 2016

Until the Next Pizza Party!

You eat very, very clean. You live by the code that food is medicine. So no fast food. No sugar. No salty or sugary snacks.

So, how do you "go off the ranch?" You know, we all need to let loose once in awhile. Around here we toss around the magic words: "Pizza Party!"

For longer than is probably rational, we have been talking about having a Pizza Party when something really good happens, when we have something really exciting to celebrate.

That day still hasn't come. 

So, it was really just a series of odd occurrences, dead ends and wrong turns that we found ourselves in an Italian restaurant that specializes in those little open-fire, thin-crust pizzas.

And we took the plunge. "Pizza Party!" And well, it was good. It was great. It was everything you'd want in a Pizza. And well, what can I say, we were satisfied!

Afterwards we were talking about "what now?" What can we look forward to now? How to carry on? What to shoot for? All we could come up with was... Another "Pizza Party!"

Some time. Some place. In an imaginary future.

You live for what you want to live for... that's the way to do it...

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