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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Politicians Doing Politics!

I think this is funny. A politician talks about the necessity of politics - she actually talks about politics as a positive force.  And it seems sort of "radical!" I mean, our politics, and our politicians are held in such "low esteem" by pretty much everyone, even politicians, that you just don't hear anyone talking about the "good" of political compromise.

Most of us have staked out a position, and we root for our team against the other team. And our solution to all problems would be to stock the government with lots of people who think exactly like us.

So liberals (like me) want more liberals in government. Conservatives want more conservatives. Wackos want more wackos. Etc. But really, that's pretty unrealistic. There will always be lots of people who don't agree on lots of things. That's just the way of democracy.

So yes, we need people who are good at finding compromise solutions. We need wheeler-dealers, horse-traders, ambassadors, good talkers, and good walkers. People willing to listen, to forge new ideas,  willing to find solutions with input from all corners.

Yes, it's messy. And no one gets everything they want. But this process can lead to great things. Think LBJ and the Civil Rights bill as one example.We need less pure idealists and more pragmatic politicians. Funny.

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