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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Bodhisattva of Happy Valley!

We love binge-watching these long-form cable series. They seem to be the premier art-form of the last decade or so. We've seen some amazing work. Great stories, cinematic filming. You end up living with these characters for long stretches of time. Sort of like those long, dense novels of an earlier era. Only multiplied many times over with sound and vision.

Our favorite series include: Deadwood, Mad Men, The Knick, Boardwalk Empire, Rome, The Killing, True Detective (both seasons).

We just finished up the first two seasons of Happy Valley. A wise and funny show.  If I were to sum it up in one convoluted line: "A Boddhisattva resides in a powerhouse of a woman named Sarah Lancashire, who channels her deep existential anger and sadness into amazing torrents of empathy and compassion for all beings."

Or something like that. 

Great opening credits too. I love the song. It's by a kid named Jake Bugg...

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