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Friday, April 15, 2016

Life of Bono!

Don't feel sorry for Bono. I mean, it's hard to feel sorry for Bono. He's a Pop Star who has it all. The fame, the fortune, the amazing catalog of songs he's created with U2. He's smart, funny, committed, engaged. Self-aware. No doubt.

He gets to stand on stages all over the world and absorb the love and attention of millions of enthusiastic fans. He's a great singer, an accomplished song-writer, and he collaborates with some really phenomenal musicians. What a life.

He is also a social and political activist of the first order. He talks the talk, and walks the walk. And he's always on the right side of the issues -  for nuclear disarmament,  against AIDs and landmines, for feeding the poor and hungry, for forgiving Third World Debt. Etc.

I for one love his latest idea - let's have the great comedians of our culture (Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Sacha Baron Cohen) take on ISIS with humor and ridicule. Let our progressive Pop Culture take on the retrograde, anti-human terrorists. Explode them with laughter!

There are those who will make fun of Bono. They will criticize and pillory and ridicule him. He's a big boy. He can handle it. Hell, he's Bono! Lauded and pilloried in equal measure. That's the life of Bono. 

And how about that Bono hair?! Defies gravity with impunity! Bono!

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