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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thinking is for Losers!

When one world-class imbecile joins forces with another world-class imbecile, it all sort of makes perfect sense. A Trump/Palin political juggernaut combo is a super pop culture media dream!

I do think this is a media-saturated wet-dream. And being an imbecile doesn't disqualify anyone from anything. Maybe being a total imbecile is actually an asset - in business, in politics, in our social media swamp. 

As an imbecile you can stand up in front of many people and spout pretty much whatever is on the tip of your idiot tongue. Don't need to waste brain power thinking, or questioning yourself, or knowing anything about what you are talking about. If you are a dedicated imbecile you can never be wrong. At least in your own feeble, imbecilic mind.

That kind of confidence of always being right, can't be bottled. You will exude a powerful imbecilic charisma. And it seems there are lots of folks who just want to follow a charismatic imbecile. Especially a loud, tough-talking, specimen that promises to magically fix everything - to fire all the losers, to build a wall around America, to kick ass and be a winner!

This actually isn't anything new. Look at the history of human beings and you will find that rich, powerful imbeciles have pretty much ruled the day.

Basically the message is - You Can Be An Imbecile Too! Banish doubt. Banish negative thinking. Hell, banish thinking all together! Thinking is for losers!

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