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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Harsh Judgements!

You just knew that when Rahm Emanuel stood before the Chicago City Council and cried, you just knew, that there was more evidence of his cover-up to come. What a Cretin. What a washout. What a despicable human being. Add him to the list of "horrible people." Rick Snyder of Michigan too. Poisoning a City is definitely a crime against humanity. Inconvenient facts bump up against the power.  Do I judge too harshly? You know, shit happens, right? But when bad shit happens, we expect the good ones among us to stand up and be accountable. These guys have big-time jobs, they make big-time $. They are supposed to be the "people's representatives." So when they betray the people, deeply, badly, irrevocably, tragically betray, yes, they should be judged harshly.

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