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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Just Another Kind of Failure?

Can you enjoy the things you should enjoy? Can you accept a win? Can you revel in a success? Or does all success, seem like an illusion? Just another kind of failure?

Are you destined to be another "Willy Loman?" Shuffling from one bleak encounter to another? That's a sad picture.

You imagine yourself as Sisyphus, pushing that boulder up, then watching it roll back down. And as Camus tells us, we should imagine Sisyphus "happy!" So you imagine Sisyphus happy!

Are you really that kind of Sisyphus? Do you want, what you think you want? Or have you been on a fool's errand from the beginning? Are you lost in the funhouse? A refugee in a hall of mirrors?

Is your whole idea of success and failure just a grand misunderstanding? Dear Pilgrim. Think about it!

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