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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Not in the Known Universe!

You work towards something. You get close. You think you are there. And then a contract appears. And you read the contract, and you like the general drift of the thing, good things could happen, an arrangement, a partnership, a business deal, all your hard work, and creative pursuit may actually pan out, but then at the same time you think of all the bad things that could happen, and you remember once in the past you signed a contract, and that signing came back to haunt you big-time, and how you have vowed never to sign anything, and you read some of the language in the contract and it seems a little ominous, and so binding, and sort of cryptic and well, you think it's time to call on a lawyer you can trust to review the damn thing. And you think about all the bands you've read about, the horror stories, and you remember how the infamous Allen Klein screwed over both the Stones and the Beatles and how he was once quoted as saying: "Any contract can be broken!" And you think to yourself, "There is no lawyer in the known Universe that I can trust..."

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