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Friday, January 29, 2016

"The Deranged Carnival that this Cartoon Rich Man Puts On!" - Dylan Matthews

I am a liberal. Always have been. Since an early age. I live on a liberal island. On the "north shore" of Lake Michigan. Famously liberal. Everyone I know is pretty liberal. The ones that I suspect are not liberal, I do not bring up politics with them. No reason to do so.

I despise this group of Republicans running for President. I can't imagine why anyone would vote for any one of them. I can't imagine being so "retro" and backward on social issues, on the environment, on the duty of our government to "better people's lives." I cringe at their "saber-rattling" on foreign policy.

I watch from the sidelines and just can't visualize any of these folks actually representing my country. It actually turns my stomach. Yuck! And the guy dominating the field? The less said the better. He is sucking up all the oxygen. He seems to be a master of social media. He's funny. Scary. Ridiculous.

You run out of words to describe his idiocy. And you realize his idiocy is actually a feature, not a flaw. He is ahead of the pack because of his idiocy. I don't understand. Really. That party. Those people. So foreign to me. I realize I live in different country.

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