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Sunday, January 17, 2016

In Studio: Day of the Dolphin!

Okay. This is funny. We were in the recording studio yesterday, working on harmony parts for a new record which we hope to release sometime in the future called, "Alternate Boot." We still haven't released our latest album, called "The Shadow of the Marigold," it should be released this Spring, but we are already working on the one after that, that's how to do it!

Always be onto the next thing...

But it was a sort of frustrating session yesterday. We could not get into a flow. The studio was cold, and it was hard doing vocal parts. I could not hit notes. Sound could barely escape my mouth. Very strange. Harmonies, and background vocals are not our strength, but I couldn't even make sounds that I can usually make.

I actually sounded like the dolphin from "Day of the Dolphin." Two things. 1. It was a very, very funny, frustrating, humiliating session. 2. We will not be using that harmony part. 

BTW - this is a very sad scene...

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