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Monday, April 28, 2014

One of the Best, If Not the Best!

Speaking of "live shows," the National were recently in Chicago, and they played a four-night stand at the Chicago Theater. We missed it, but it's exciting, and kind of rewarding, to think that the National are popular enough to fill that theater four nights in a row.  I wrote about their "High Violet" record here. 

I did seek out a live concert, and found this amazing show they did outside the Sydney Opera House. What a perfect match of band and venue.  5000 screaming, engaged Aussies. The National have quietly become one of the best, if not the best, working band in the land. I love the way they have slowly built up a following, without a Top Forty hit, without altering their very serious and challenging approach.

They are so "un-rock-star-like." Which I like very much.  Totally rewarding. The songs grow on you, the strange, elliptical, evocative lyrics have a real emotive punch, and the band is just such a musical power-house. The show literally left me in tears of joy by the final, exhilarating note.

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