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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Million Ways to Be Stupid!

There are so many stories in the news this morning that seem to prove that there are million ways to be stupid, and very few ways to be smart, and well, many of us just go with stupid. It's so much easier, and there's lots more company.

I could link to a bunch of really stupid stories, but I mean, why spread the stupid? Open your eyes and ears.

It turns out that stupidity does not go away if you happen to have lots of money in your bank account. Turns out rich people are just as stupid as any one else, and in fact may just have more opportunities to display, to flaunt their stupidity.

And the stupid really burns. And it's possible it is going to doom us all. And I guess there is some poetic justice in that, Maybe our elaborate cultural edifice will crumble because of our super-human stupidities.  

Maybe we really will get what we deserve. I guess, that is called "Justice!"

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